Stay Comfortable in Your Texas Home This Summer

HVAC heating and air conditioning residential units or heat pumpsOne of the most used features on any home is the HVAC system. Here in Texas we are known to have some pretty brutally hot days where temperatures can soar into the 100s. Once the end of May hits it seems like we don’t get a break from high temperatures until September. That means that your HVAC system is working hard cooling your home almost none stop for almost 5 months.

If you want your home to be cool and comfortable throughout the summer than it is important to have it checked seasonally by an experienced professional. By proactively scheduling maintenance checks you’ll be able to get in front of any issues before they cause bigger problems.

Our local area home inspector provides detailed residential home inspection services to homeowners across the Fort Worth, Texas area. Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or just want an inspection we can handle the job! During our home inspection we’ll inspect your home from top to bottom and compile our results in a detailed report.

If the HVAC system is not functioning properly then we’ll make detailed notes in our report of the problem, so you’ll know exactly what shape your heating and cooling unit is in.

Contact our Fort Worth, Texas office today to schedule a home inspection!