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You've found the best! American Patriot Home Inspection serves the Fort Worth, TX, area, and offers property inspections with a full breakdown of all the findings. Call today to schedule a professional home inspection for your Fort Worth, Texas home.

What is a residential inspection?

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A residential inspection, also called home inspection or property inspection, is an examination of a home in a non-invasive way. This type of inspection is commonly connected to the sale of a home. When buying a home in the Fort Worth, Texas area, it is vital to have a property inspection by a home inspector prior to finalizing the sale. The results of this home inspection are provided to the potential buyer in a detailed report describing all aspects of the home that are not up to standard. A home inspection in Fort Worth, TX, does not offer the buyer any guarantees on future conditions, but instead gives insight to the condition of the home at the time of the home inspection. If you are considering buying a home in Fort Worth, TX, and would like to know more about the condition of your home, call American Patriot Home Inspection for a professional home inspection in Fort Worth, TX.

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Home inspections in Fort Worth, TX, designed to fully inform you of construction errors and potential hazards

As a home inspector in Fort Worth, TX, American Patriot Home Inspections is dedicated to providing clients with in-depth reports on their property inspection. Not only will we provide written reports of our home inspection service in Fort Worth, TX,, but we will break them down for you so that you know the implications of each point. We will walk through each aspect of the home inspection with you-that way you are in the loop with any issues that may be uncovered. Before you purchase a home in Fort Worth, Texas, have the property inspected by a professional home inspector from American Patriot Home Inspection.

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Professional home inspection service in Fort Worth, Texas

The last thing you want to deal with when buying a home is worrying if it was the right house. I can't decide what house you fall in love with, but I can help you decide if it's in the right condition for you. Take advantage of your time today and make your appointment with our Home Inspector!

Our home inspection services in Fort Worth, TX

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Before committing to a home, it is important to understand the structural integrity and safety of the home. Call American Patriot Home Inspection for a full report detailing the condition of your potential home in Fort Worth, Texas. Our home inspection services include:
  • Foundation examination
  • Electrical system inspection
  • Plumbing system inspection
  • Fireplace and chimney inspection
  • Interior structure assessment
  • Safety device check
  • Exterior inspection
  • Garage and storage house inspection
  • Full detailed report of findings

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10% Off For Military, Fire & Police

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