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American Patriot Home Inspection has been providing residents in the Forth Worth, TX area with home inspection services for years! We take pride in the quality of our home inspection services. When you partner with us as your home inspector you will get top notch service, a quality report, and peace of mind. Below you will find reviews from client's who have used our home inspection services.

American Patriot is a great company to use for home inspections if you are looking for prompt and professional service. I was running out of time to get a home inspection and was referred to American Patriot by a friend of mine. I called to schedule an appointment after hours and was not only able to contact an inspector but was able to schedule an appointment for the next day also. The owner and inspector Rodney was great to work with. I was not able to be there while he performed the inspection but he gladly waited for me and gave me a walk through of his findings. He promptly sent me a email with pictures and other useful information which left me enough time to reach an agreement with the sellers about the repairs. I strongly recommend American Patriot!


Home Inspection Pre Sale

Rod was very informative, detailed, and professional. He took the time to walk me through the entire home, explaining all areas of concern as well little things to be mindful of in the future. I received his thorough inspection report just hours later, and he made himself readily available for any additional questions we may have had. It truly was a first class experience from start to finish.


Very professional, also friendly.
Provided an excellent, easy to understand report
I definitely recommend American Patriot Home Inspection.

Maria and Daniel Gonzalez

Rodney is a true professional that helped us identify any potential problems that may exist on our new home. He is very detailed and explains everything about your next biggest investment . I would recommend him to all future home buyers and it was a pleasure working with Rodney.


Rod was extremely thorough in his inspection of our prospective new home. His attention to detail helped us understand every issue, big and small, associated with the property. We felt confident moving ahead with the purchase after his inspection.

V. Peden

Rod was very prompt (even a few minutes early!), very professional and very friendly. He was incredibly attentive to the things we were worried about, and he didn't hesitate to crawl into tiny spaces to check them out thoroughly. He went through every room with a fine tooth comb and we feel confident that he found everything that there was to find! Issues that (can) come up and should be builder responsibility can be easily overlooked, especially since we're not professionally trained to see everything an inspector sees. When you hire an inspector, you are paying for their trained eye to see the things you can't. We are 100% confident that the report from Rod is comprehensive and that there won't be any surprises down the line from something he missed - he covered it all, inside and out! Thank you Rod!

Mike and Lynn M

Rod's inspection are worth every penny. I used his company for a new home inspection he found a few things that I overlooked and I'm a contractor. He does a very thorough inspection and documentation I would recommend him to anyone.


Great! Prompt , honest and I would highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and more than willing to help and answer any questions!

Brian P.

Could not have asked for a more thorough inspection. He saved me from a mistake and confirmed a good deal. If you are looking for an inspection guy that knows his stuff, Rod is your guy.

Michael B.

We are very happy that we chose Rod to perform our home inspection. He arrived on time on the day of our inspection and was prepared and ready to get started right away. We were able to be there for the inspection and Rod took the time to walk us through the home and point out every issue he found. He had an incredible attention to detail and was very thorough in his inspection. He was able to clearly explain to us what he found and what remedy would be necessary. He answered all of our questions to our satisfaction and was really able to communicate how minor or serious a problem was or could be in the future. Later that day, Rod provided to us a detailed report including photographs of everything he had noted during his inspection. This was very helpful when negotiating with the seller. Thanks to Rod we feel confident in knowing exactly what we are purchasing and will recommend him to our friends and family in the future.

Andy and Stephanie

If you need a home inspection, Rod will take great care of you! I met Rod at my soon-to-be new home today and he was very professional and informative. He took the time to walk through the house, inside and out, and explain to me what he saw and why it was or wasn't important. We talked about any issues he found and how they might impact the home in the long-term. He even talked me through what could be done to prevent any potential damage. Rod is very attentive to detail, trustworthy and efficient. His report had very specific photos, was well organized, easy to follow, and arrived only a few hours after the inspection. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with a home inspection. Thanks Rod!

Lisa M.

We had the pleasure of having Rod Collette do the inspection of the home we are considering purchasing. I was amazed at how thorough Rod was! He took the time to really check every possible feature of the house, even crawling in the attic. I have used other home inspectors in the past and compared to Rod, I feel they did an inferior job. I am extremely confident of the findings in our inspection report and will definitely recommend your company and Rod in the future. Thank you for having such a competent member of your company such as Rod Collette.

Catherine L.

Rodney Collette #20449 performed a detailed inspection for us taking ample time to answer all our questions in detail and offer advice where appropriate. We highgly recommend his services!

Bill and Judy McNair

Rod is AWESOME! He did my home inspection nearly a year ago. Once it got colder I tried to start my electric fireplace but was unable to make it work. I had the gas company guy try to get it start but he was not able to do so either. I called Rodney on a Friday morning while he was out with his family and he still found the time to come over and star the fireplace,THAT DAY. If you want an inspection done you can call anybody but if you want the BEST call American Patriot Home Inspection.


Outstanding home inspector one that is willing to teach patiently about your home highly recommend.Thank You Sir!!!

Joffery Feist

Rodney Collette is incredible. Highly professional and knowledgeable. He walked me through several items and was very informative and reassuring. Highly recommend.


We are closing on our house tomorrow and could not have asked for a better team of people helping us. Rodney was part of that team. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough with the inspection. The report followed immediately with a list of recommended repairs. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Rodney!!

Debi C.