How to Protect Your Foundation during a Drought

We've been experiencing dry weather across the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area this summer. Did you know that during droughts like we are in now, your foundation is at a greater risk to crack?

Think about it. When there is a drought the soil dries up due to high temperatures and lack of rainfall. When the soil dries up then it shrinks away from your foundation wall. Once this happens the foundation of your home is at risk for cracks.

Foundation cracks can lead to bigger problems in your home including:

• Bowing walls
• Doors that stick
• Sloping floors
• Cracks in your walls

All of this and more can be avoided and save you thousands of dollars in the long run. When there is a drought our home inspector recommends that you water your foundation. You might be asking yourself, “What? Water my foundation. What does that mean?”

We recommend that you purchase a drop irrigation system with a drip hose that can be installed around the foundation of your home. Once installed run it for 10-20 minutes a few days a week during a drought and it will save you the headache of bigger problems later down the road. However, be mindful about the saturation of the water within the ground and don't over water.

As always remember that our local Fort Worth, Texas home inspector offers inspections across the area!