The Importance of Inspecting Skylights

Attic skylight. Asphalt Shingles House Roofing Construction with Attic Roof windows skylights waterproofing.A skylight is a window that is installed in the roof or the ceiling of a home. Skylights are often selected as design additions because they add a unique design element and allow extra light to flow into your space.

However, once a skylight is installed it can be hard to recognize if the skylight was installed properly. Over the years our home inspector has noticed a few common issues with skylights in homes that he has inspected including:

  • Mastic used on the flashing of the skylight
  • Skylight was installed too close to a plumbing stack
  • Stains are showing up on the inside of your home around the skylight

If you’re thinking about moving to a new home be sure to schedule an appointment with our experienced Fort Worth, TX home inspector to inspect your potential new property. He’ll be sure to thoroughly inspect your new home from top to bottom, so that you can get in front of any potential issues before closing.