Residential Outdoor Plumbing Tips

FaA Green And Orange Hose For Watering The Garden: A green and orange hose for watering the garden close upll is a great time of year here in Texas. The weather starts to cool down and the air becomes crisp. Even though Texas is known for more mild winters there are still a few preparations that homeowners across the area should take to avoid damage to their homes. Our home inspector has provided a simple checklist that will help you winterize your home this season:

First, disconnect all of your hose bibs. If you do not remove hoses then water can get trapped and freeze your fixture.

Second, drain water out of your pipes. It is important to drain as much water as you can from your outdoor faucets or pipes to avoid the water from freezing inside the pipes.

Third, install a hose bib cover on your outdoor fixtures for extra protection.


The above easy steps will take you just a few minutes and could save you a lot of money and inconvenience in the future.

American Patriot Home Inspections wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!