Fall Home Maintenance

Fall is officially here! With the cooler months quickly approaching you want to ensure that your home is prepared for the cooler weather. Our home inspector recommends that now is the time for you to take steps in preparing your home for the winter.

One of the most important things that our home inspector recommends for you to do is to ensure that your home is sealed up. Be sure that your exterior doors and windows are sealed around the edges. This will prevent warm air from seeping out and also from pests making their way inside your home this winter.

Our home inspector also recommends that after the leaves fall you take the time to clear your gutters from sticks, leaves, and other debris. You want to be sure that your gutters are functioning properly and taking any water away from your home.

Lastly, we recommend that if your area is going to expecting freezing temperatures that you drain all garden hoses and turn off outdoor faucets. This will help prevent your outside pipes and faucets from freezing which can cause serious damage.

We hope these quick and easy tips will help you transition your home this season! Remember that our home inspector provides residential home inspection services across the Fort Worth, TX area including:

  • Residential home inspections
  • Buyers home inspections
  • Sellers home inspections
  • New home inspections
  • Warranty home inspections