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Holiday Fire Safety

Around the holidays every year across the Fort Worth area our home inspector sees an increase in residential fires. Residential fires are never something that a homeowner welcomes with open arms. By nature fires destroy property and can cause injuries. When fires happen around the holidays it is even more devastating. The truth is that

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Air Quality in Fort Worth Home

With the winter months quickly approaching you want to make sure that your Fort Worth home has good air quality throughout the winter. During the winter months your home tends to be closed up more than in the summertime due to the cooler temperatures. This can cause your indoor air quality to suffer if you

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Fall Home Maintenance

Fall is officially here! With the cooler months quickly approaching you want to ensure that your home is prepared for the cooler weather. Our home inspector recommends that now is the time for you to take steps in preparing your home for the winter. One of the most important things that our home inspector recommends

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